Redroom Studio is a small recording studio in the south-east of Berlin.


Designed as an acoustically optimized single-room facility, it offers a professional and homely atmosphere for various services such as mixing and mastering, instrumental and vocal recording, album and demo productions, voice over, video post  and much more. I also specialize in the recording and production of classical music.
Equipped at a technically high standard with state-of-the-art gear, I am not afraid of being compared with the “big” studios. And should you for any reason not be able to come to the studio, I will come to you! An additional mobile rig gives me the freedom to record anywhere, anytime. I can come to concerts, to your rehearsal rooms, and to wherever else I am needed!


The one-room concept of the Redroom Studio enables intensive, creative and concentrated work without being separated by a glass pane, as is common in most studios.
The is made possible by a specially designed acoustical optimization of the room using sound-shaping elements on wall and ceiling.

High-quality microphones and converters, a variety of digital and analogue outboard as well as plugins from Waves and other well-known manufacturers are at your disposal. And should something be missing, no problem! Our network of collaborating studios and agencies allows us to meet almost every wish, usually even without extra charge. Just ask us!



Send us your recordings and we will create a professional state-of-the-art mix. If the mix of your tracks is done, you can send us your material for final mastering.


Vocal and instrumental recordings, voice-overs, athmos, live and concert recordings, choral and orchestral recordings and many more.


We compose for musicians and artists, bands, theater, film, television, advertising, image films, etc. We would be happy to advise you or produce your next album.

In general, we can offer everything you would expect from a studio. And should our studio space be unsuficient, we will go to a space with the necessary capacities.
Our regular daily rate is 345,00 EUR, our hourly rate is 45,00 EUR. But of course you can talk to us and we will always find a solution.


Special Offers*:


2 Days Recording: Now only 369,00 EUR!

Ideal for solo artists, singers or bands, for demo or EP production. 2 days recording including mixing and final 2-bus volume optimizing. A complete mastering process will not be possible in the short amount of time and should be booked additionally, if desired.

*Please note: Special offers, package deals and discounted bookings always have a B-priority with regard to the allocation and distribution of the studio time. All prices excl. VAT.


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Below is an excerpt from our constantly growing gear list. If something that is urgently needed is not listed, it is usually no problem to get hold of on short notice. Just ask, it may even be available already!



Apple Mac Mini i7 2020
Avid Pro Tools Studio
Logic Pro
Ableton Live

Harrison Mixbus


Div. Waves, iZotope, Fabfilter, Voxengo, Eventide etc


RME FireFace 800
Ferrofish Pulse16 MX
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Behringer ADA 8000


Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha HS80M


2x BD DT-770 Pro, closed back
1x AKG K-270, closed back
1x AKG K-141, half open
5x Philips Kopfhörer, closed back


1x Neumann U87 Ai
2x Neumann TLM 103
2x Neumann KM 184
2x Neumann KM 83i
3x Sennheiser MD421
1x Sennheiser E609
1x Sennheiser MD21 (vintage)
2x Shure SM57
1x AKG D112
2x Rode NT5
1x Rode NT1-A
2x AT 4041
1x AT 4033 AI<
Div. „Budget“ Mics (for Sale, hit me up!)

OUTBOARD (excerpt)

UA 610 MK II
Neve 1073LB
RME Octamic II
1176 Rev. D style Compressor (WA76)
DBX 268a
Alexis Quadraverb 2



Yamaha SPX90
DBX 166XL (2x)
DBX 386 (2x)
Emagic AMT 8

Telefunken Reel to Reel 1/4“
Sony TC-880-2 Reel to Reel 1/4″
Turntable, Tapedeck
Furman Power Conditioner (3x)


Vintage Drum Kit (Star/Tama, Sonor, Meinl Byzance, Paiste, Zildjian)
Div. Guitars (Fender, Martin, u.a.)
Roland Git.-Amp
Div. Percussion (Bodhrán, div. Shaker, Tambourine, Cowbell u.a.)
Div. small instruments (Ukulele, Tin Whistles, Rababa etc.)
Roland U220 and MC303
Div. Synth-Plugins
Alexis Keyboard Controller 46 Keys
M-Audio Controller 26 Keys (for sale, hit me up!)


Write to us or call us for booking enquiries, any other information, or even if you just want to chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tel.: 0178 2010062


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